Pros and Cons of Raptors making De'Andre Hunter center of Pascal Siakam trade

Is Hunter worth trading a franchise icon for?
Atlanta Hawks v Toronto Raptors
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Hunter has never averaged more than 15.4 points per game in a season in his career, and he is not going to be a tremendous creator for himself or others. His offensive upside, especially on a team that is lacking in offensive skill at the moment, isn't ideal for this flawed roster.

Raptors fans have screamed until they are blue in the fact about the team's overeliance on 6-8 versatile power forwards at the expense of quality guard play. Swapping out a star 6-8 forward for an inferior version with less offensive potential might not be a home run move.

De'Andre Hunter might not fit the Toronto Raptors.

Hunter's health is a legitimate concern at this point in his career, as some serious injuries have prevented him from becoming the type of player Atlanta may have hoped. Hunter has never played more than 67 games in a season, has missed at least 25 games twice in four years, and will soon undergo a procedure on his knee.

Hunter is currently operating as arguably the third-best player on the Hawks right now, and Atlanta finds themselves in a precarious situation in the standings. If the Hawks haven't recaptured their Eastern Conference Finals pixie dust with Hunter, why could he evolve into that third star in Toronto?