Pros and Cons of Raptors seeking D'Angelo Russell in Lakers trade talks

Could the Raptors really pull this off?
Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets
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The Raptors are trying to create an environment where Barrett, Quickley, and Scottie Barnes can all get enough shots up and develop offensively. Rather than getting them more complementary pieces, the Raptors might be willing to get yet another ball-dominant guard with minimal defensive upside.

While there have been some growing pains for Quickley as he tries to become more like a traditional point guard, the Raptors would be giving him yet another obstacle to overcome by bringing in a player with a similar skillset who may have eyes on his own point guard spot. How does that help a player who will sign a nine-figure contract in the offseason?

D'Angelo Russell could be a problem for the Toronto Raptors.

Russell and Quickley would essentially wall off the starting backcourt if he arrives in Toronto. Such a move would make it impossible for a young player like Gradey Dick or whomever Toronto picks in the first-round this year to wiggle into the starting lineup when everyone is healthy.

If the Raptors are trying to get draft compensation above all else, the Lakers' collection of picks is much less attractive than what teams like the Knicks might be willing to offer in a potential Brown deal. Why even trade Brown if the short-term plan is doing this exact thing again with Russell?