Pros and Cons of Raptors trading away Bruce Brown at NBA Trade Deadline

Brown might be on his way out of Toronto.
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The Toronto Raptors are widely expected to make some more trades as they angle towards rebuilding after parting ways with Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby. Bruce Brown hasn't been in Toronto for very long, but there's a good chance his career in Canada only lasts a few games.

The only rotation-level player Toronto acquired in the Siakam deal with the Indiana Pacers, Brown's skills and confirmed status as an elite role player for a contending team would likely have teams in a bidding war over him. The price has reportedly been set as a first-round pick and a promising young player.

What makes this such a complex case to analyze is the fact that Brown is the type of player that Toronto will likely try to find in the draft or free agency, as he can do so many things well on both sides of the ball. Why try to find a facsimile down the line when you have the real thing right now?

The Raptors need to figure out if trading Brown is better for the long-term health of the franchise or if losing him isn't worth acquiring yet another somewhat raw young player who may never be as effective a player as the former Nets and Nuggets stud right now. Which path will Masai Ujiri eventually pick?

Pros and Cons of Toronto Raptors possibly trading Bruce Brown


Brown is never going to be a transformative offensive player, yet the market is so inflated right now that contenders would be willing to give up what could be a very promising first-round pick and a young player of some repute for his services. Ujiri might need to strike when the iron is hot.

Brown has a team option for the 2024-25 season that is worth around $23 million. For a young team eyeing financial flexibility that will need to absorb what will likely be a nine-figure deal for Immanuel Quickley, getting rid of him might help them get more cap space to build a better bench.

Trading Bruce Brown could help the Toronto Raptors.

With as many as four draft picks in the Top 31 selections, the Raptors have more than enough chances at the plate if they want to draft a long-term successor to Brown. They won't have to feel trapped by him as they try to surround Barnes with a bench actually worth shouting about.

Let's say the Raptors trade Brown to a team like the New York Knicks, as has been discussed in the past. They could land yet another juicy pick in addition to a youngster worth shouting about in Quentin Grimes. Whereas Brown might look to contend, Grimes will try to become a starter-level player in Toronto.