Pros and Cons of Raptors trading away Bruce Brown at NBA Trade Deadline

Brown might be on his way out of Toronto.
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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In a league where perimeter defense is more important than ever, the Raptors just added a standout performer who has enough versatility to play any one of four positions at a passable level. Even though Nick Nurse is gone, Ujiri's love for defensive switchability is still very much alive.

What makes Brown such a tremendous role player is the fact he can be an effective offensive player without demanding a ton of shots or dominating the ball. Brown is shooting over 50% from the field once again, and he can knock down enough 3-pointers to keep defenses honest. The fit alongside Scottie Barnes seems solid.

Bruce Brown could be a big help to the Toronto Raptors.

One mistake rebuilding teams make is trying to develop too many young players simultaneously. Can Toronto make sure Barnes, first-rounder Gradey Dick, and the two Knicks acquisitions all keep improving alongside whatever draft picks they bring in? Trading Brown would only add to this problem.

The Raptors will never be a free agent destination, no matter how much cap space they have. On top of the fact this free agent class is very weak outside of former Raptors they traded away, Toronto might not be a haven for standout layers in their prime. Why trade Brown knowing this could be your reality?