1 Prospect to target, 1 to avoid for every Raptors draft pick

The Toronto Raptors hope to hit a couple of home runs in the 2024 NBA Draft. What prospects do they target with each of their picks, and who do they avoid?
Bronny James, USC Trojans
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The Raptors should target Devin Carter with the 19th pick

If the Toronto Raptors would like to find their backup point guard and in the process land someone who could work his way into lineups alongside Immanuel Quickley, the player they should target with the 19th pick is Providence's Devin Carter.

While Carter is the exact same height as Collier, his wingspan is another four inches longer, he is exceptionally strong for a guard and was one of the best defenders in the Big East last season, if not the country. He plays like a defensive player who also plays offense and takes it personally when he is scored on.

That isn't to say he is an offensive slouch, either; Carter was the lead option on Providence and averaged 19.1 points per game last season, shooting 37.7 percent from deep on largely difficult attempts. He loves to set teammates up with hit-ahead passes or drop it off to the big after he gets into the paint. He attacks the glass (8.4 rebounds per game as a 6'2" guard) and finishes hard at the rim.

He's not perfect; he isn't a dynamic passer, and his shooting last season was a significant step up from previous seasons. Drafting Carter would give the Raptors a guard who would thrive as a role player fighting to earn minutes, and his ability to guard up would allow him to fit in a variety of lineups. Carter's stock is rising, and he could rise right past the Raptors at No. 19, but if he is on the board he should be strongly considered as the pick.