1 Prospect to target, 1 to avoid for every Raptors draft pick

The Toronto Raptors hope to hit a couple of home runs in the 2024 NBA Draft. What prospects do they target with each of their picks, and who do they avoid?
Bronny James, USC Trojans
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The Raptors should target Tyler Kolek with the 31st pick

If Devin Carter was the second-best guard in the Big East last season, Tyler Kolek was the first, a classic point guard who thrives as a playmaker setting up his teammates with on-target passes. If the Raptors draft a different position at 19, or even if they take Carter, they should snatch up Kolek if he is available with the 31st pick.

Kolek is a floor general through and through, but in addition to excellent passing vision and elite accuracy with his delivery, Kolek's strength as a passer stems from his ability to get into the paint and force defenses to rotate. He has a tight handle and a hyper-quick first step. If defenses don't react he has a deep bag of finishes to unleash at the rim, including a lethal floater, but if defenses step up he nails 3-point shooters or tosses gentle lobs to his bigs.

Kolek is a knockdown 3-point shooter off-the-catch, which would make him an ideal fit alongside Scottie Barnes as a secondary playmaker. He also projects to be valuable in the relocation game, getting off the ball and then sprinting off screens to get open on the perimeter for a catch-and-shoot triple.

Defensively Kolek plays hard and deploys lightning-quick hands, but he is also a good-not-great athlete who stands 6'1" with a 6'3" wingspan. He will get targeted, and that limits his long-term upside. Even so, Kolek is a player who could easily be available at 31 but who deserves to be in the mix much higher. He would be an ideal pick as a long-term backup point guard with the upside to be even more.