Ranking 4 best Pascal Siakam trade spots by how much they benefit Raptors

The Raptors need to get the biggest haul possible.
Toronto Raptors v Sacramento Kings
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2. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have been after Siakam for what seems like it has been an eternity, and it doesn't seem like they are willing to go away just yet. With AJ Griffin regressing so hard that he is no longer a viable trade asset and Jalen Johnson allegedly off the table, talks haven't been moving very fast.

The Hawks have seemingly put point guard Dejounte Murray in the rumor mill after some tough sledding this season. While this is a very unrealistic possibility, Toronto needs to at least give it a shot, as Murray would be the best player who could possibly be exchanged in a Siakam swap.

The Atlanta Hawks need a player like Pascal Siakam.

Murray, Quickley, Barrett, Scottie Barnes, and Jakob Poeltl is an incredibly deep starting lineup with some serious offensive firepower. Even if the Hawks don't make Murray available amid some reports he is not keen on the idea of playing in Toronto, they could still have enough young players to get Ujiri's ear.

Johnson may eventually come up in talks if Atlanta's resolve breaks down, and the reigning No. 14 overall pick Kobe Bufkin seems like someone who could conceivably be let loose if Murray and Trae Young stay together. The Hawks can seal the deal if they budge on their price.