Ranking 9 Toronto Raptors contracts from bargain to nightmare

Scottie Barnes, Jakob Poeltl and Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors
Scottie Barnes, Jakob Poeltl and Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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No. 8: Gradey Dick is on a value contract

While Barnes is the ultimate example of a player on his rookie deal turning into a star, the reality is that any player on a rookie deal has an excellent chance at outperforming the value of his contract. That is certainly the case for Gradey Dick, the 2023 lottery pick with three more years on his inexpensive deal.

As the 13th pick last year, Dick's deal checks in at just $21.42 million over four years, an average of only $5.36 million per season. By comparison, Stephen Curry made that every 8.5 games this season as the league's highest-paid player (and he was arguably underpaid as one of the league's 10 best players).

Gradey Dick got off to a slow start but developed into a reliable rotation piece whose movement shooting is a real weapon on offense. He is not a lockdown defender but has enough size and athleticism to survive on that end, and he has a top-end motor that will serve him well on both ends of the court.

He may be the starter as early as Opening Night next season or take a bit longer to claim that role, but unless he flames out entirely he appears on track to provide significant positive value over the next three seasons of this deal before he starts a new deal.