Raptors Big Board: Top 10 prospects for Raps no matter where their pick lands

The Toronto Raptors could land at multiple slots in the Top 10 for the 2024 NBA Draft. What should the Top 10 look like on their team-specific Big Board?
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats / Simon Sturzaker/GettyImages
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No. 10: Ja'Kobe Walter, Guard, Baylor

There are a number of players who would be in consideration here at the back end of the Top 10, including Duke teammates Kyle Filipowski and Jared McCain, French forward Tidjane Salaun and Tennessee wing Dalton Knecht. At this point, however, the fit of Ja'Kobe Walter elevates him into the 10th and final spot on the Raptors' Big Board.

The 6'5" Baylor guard is probably not a No. 1 option at the NBA level, but as a secondary offensive player he fits incredibly well. He can shoot off of movement and with the ball in his hands, he is a threat driving to the rim, and is a great playmaker. His handle isn't the best, and he isn't an explosive athlete to yam it on the heads of defenders, but he has all the skill and feel in the world as a scorer.

Defensively he has a lot to bring to the table as well, with a 6'10" wingspan and plays with an extremely high motor. He seems to take pride in his defense and is everywhere on the court, leaping into passing lanes, skying for rebounds and aggressively bodying up to opposing scorers.

The top-end upside isn't there for Walter; he is not quite dynamic enough as a scorer and ball-handler, and athleticially he is good-not-great, limiting his ceiling on both ends of the court. Yet he has been compared to All-Star and champion Khris Middleton, and that high-end outcome seems perfect for what the Raptors need. If they see an opportunity to trade back a few spots he could be the steal of the draft for Toron

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