Raptors Big Board: Top 10 prospects for Raps no matter where their pick lands

The Toronto Raptors could land at multiple slots in the Top 10 for the 2024 NBA Draft. What should the Top 10 look like on their team-specific Big Board?
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats / Simon Sturzaker/GettyImages
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No. 3: Zaccharie Risacher, Forward, France

That's three-straight international players to start the Raptors' Big Board, which is both a testament to the strength of basketball around the world and an indictment of this high school class in the United States.

Zaccharie Risacher is a 6'8" forward from France who could be the best shooter of any player in the lottery mix (Jared McCain and Reed Sheppard would like a word as well). He made over 47 percent of his 3-pointers this season, and not simply on catch-and-shoot opportunities; he shot sprinting off of screens, on stepbacks, in transition. Squint and there are shades of Ray Allen to how his offensive game has grown.

It also represents a major step forward as a shooter; what if that number was simply a hot streak from deep? Risacher shot in the mid-30s from deep the last two seasons prior to this one, and his free-throw percentage is still in the low 70s. The Raptors or any other team would be taking a gamble that the shooting development is for real.

If it is, Risacher could be a home run of a pick in the Top 10. He can handle the ball, make quick passes and leverage his shooting ability to cut to the rim. He is also a good defender with the tools to be great.

The problem that the Raptors ran into over the past half-decade was that they loaded up on forwards (good) who were excellent defenders (good) but largely had questionable jumpers (not good). Adding a knockdown shooter like Risacher gives the Raptors plenty of versatility and double-up on movement shooting with Gradey Dick.