Raptors Big Board: Top 10 prospects for Raps no matter where their pick lands

The Toronto Raptors could land at multiple slots in the Top 10 for the 2024 NBA Draft. What should the Top 10 look like on their team-specific Big Board?
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats
Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats / Simon Sturzaker/GettyImages
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No. 9: Ron Holland, Wing, G League Ignite

The difficulty the Toronto Raptors will run into when evaluating draft prospects is that for so many teenagers shooting becomes the great unknown when draft night comes around. Will they improve and become a viable threat from outside? Will they regress and prove to be an impossible fit alongside Scottie Barnes?

That question comes up again with Ron Holland, who entered the season as the No. 1 player on many boards but has fallen off a bit after a shaky season with the G League Ignite. The 6'8" wing has a lot of upside to put things together and be a star, but he also has enough question marks that he could be a surprise faller on draft night.

The good: Holland is an elite athlete who can finish through contact and should be a high free-throw attempt player in the NBA. He can handle, pass and score from a variety of places on the floor. He is also incredibly young; he will still be 18 on draft night, and youth is a major boon when projecting out a player's growth. His athleticism also comes to bear on defense where he is inconsistent but impactful with making events.

The bad: Holland doesn't have a great path to separation from the defense. His shot is decent but streaky and his gather is slow enough to allow defenders to get back into position to contest. He also doesn't have a deep enough ball-handling bag to gain separation as a ball-handler; he is great at finishing through contact because he has to be.

A version of Holland who can stroke it from outside could be a dynamic addition to the Raptors. Now it's up for Toronto to do its homework on whether Holland does put that shot together.