Raptors Draft: 3 Shockwaves from disappointing Lottery that will shape the future

The 2024 NBA Draft Lottery took place on Sunday, and while the results were disappointing for the Toronto Raptors the shockwaves will shape their future.
2024 NBA Draft Lottery
2024 NBA Draft Lottery / Anadolu/GettyImages
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No. 1: Toronto should take it slow for next year

The 2024 Draft Class is not considered to be a particularly strong one, and if there was one draft lottery for the Raptors to avoid this would be the one. The Raptors would likely rather have the pick than not, but at least they didn't lose the pick in a generational draft.

Next year could be such a draft, however, headlined by Duke freshman Cooper Flagg, a two-way superstar forward who looks to be head-and-shoulders above anyone in the 2024 class. Fellow Duke commit Khaman Maluach could be the second pick, a monster of a center prospect. Other top prospects include college players Ace Bailey, Dylan Harper, VJ Edgecombe and Tre Johnson, and international players such as Hugo Gonzalez and Egor Demin.

If the Raptors had kept their pick this year, they would have had a more difficult decision heading into the offseason and next season. If they were to take things slowly and not push for wins next season, would they end up in a similar situation giving up another Top-10 pick? Now they can choose to fully embrace their rebuild and know that their pick next year is theirs. If they ensure another losing season they will receive the prize of a lottery pick.

The Raptors could choose to push some chips in and try to get better right away, not letting the results of the lottery deter them from that path. Now, however, they have the flexibility to choose another losing campaign to take a swing at Flagg, Maluach and the rest of the 2025 class.

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