Raptors Final Big Board: Ranking Top 31 prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft has arrived, and it's time for the final Raptors Big Board ranking the top 31 prospects in the draft.
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The Toronto Raptors enter the 2024 NBA Draft with plenty of options ahead of them.

They may have lost the No. 8 pick to the San Antonio Spurs from the Jakob Poeltl deal, but they got back into the first round with Indiana's pick from the Pascal Siakam deal and added the 31st pick in the OG Anunoby trade.

The Raptors aren't locked into those places, either. There are a number of trade rumors swirling around the Raptors and a variety of trade candidates, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Raptors trade Bruce Brown or Poeltl to another team and move back up into the lottery. They could also trade down, adding extra assets in the process.

That's what the Raptors, like every team in the NBA, needs to have a fully built-out big board for the 2024 NBA Draft. If the Raptors find themselves in a position to move up, or a prospect they thought out of reach plummets down the board, they need to be informed and ready to make a move. Teams in last year's draft may have passed on VIllanova forward Cam Whitmore when he fell because they never expected to have a shot at drafting him. It pays to be informed.

To that end, here is a full 31-player 2024 Big Board for the Toronto Raptors, a ranking of enough players for them to make both of their selections as currently in place. Will they be in a position to draft Alex Sarr? Probably not, but it may pay off now or in a few years to have done the work on him or any other prospect.

The 2024 NBA Draft is considered to be a flat draft, which means each team will value players differently and the actual selections on draft night could be wildly unpredictable. Who should the Raptors go after? Let's rank the first 31 prospects for the 2024 Draft.

No. 1: Alex Sarr, Big, France

Alex Sarr is not good enough to be the No. 1 prospect in a normal draft, but he ends up at the top of the list in this draft. A seven-footer who can do it all defensively, Sarr allows an NBA team to run any defensive scheme and plus him into it, either as a rim protector or a switch big onto the perimeter. On offense he is more raw but is certainly skilled and driven, and if he settles in as a consistent 3-point shooter the court will open right up.