Raptors Final Big Board: Ranking Top 31 prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft has arrived, and it's time for the final Raptors Big Board ranking the top 31 prospects in the draft.
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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No. 12: Carlton "Bub" Carrington, Guard, Pittsburgh

Individual shot creation is the most valuable single skill in NBA players, and the reason this draft is considered to be such a weak class is that it’s very short on shot creators. That’s why Bub Carrington is flying up draft boards, because the 6’4” guard can score from literally anywhere and is comfortable in his pull-up game and finishing at the rim.

No. 13: Ja'Kobe Walter, Guard, Baylor

Ja’Kobe Walter came into his freshman season at Baylor expecting to prove himself an on-ball star, and he clearly is not. What he may have shown is that his skill set fits well as a 3-and-D wing with some secondary shot creation abilities, a valuable player type if he can commit to the role and something the Toronto Raptors could use next to Immanuel Quickley in the backcourt.

No. 14: Kyle Filipowski, Big, Duke

The ideal center to pair with Scottie Barnes is one who can shoot from outside, making plays with the ball as a passer and scorer, and defend the rim at a competent level. The best version of such a player is VIctor Wembanyama or Chet Holmgren, but it’s possible that Kyle Filipowski checks all of those boxes as a starting center and could very well be available for Toronto when they pick at 19.

No. 15: Tidjane Salaun, Forward, France

A late riser up draft boards, Salaun is the third French player in the Top 15, signaling the continued development of basketball talent in that country. A 6'9" forward with a 7'1" wingspan, Salaun has all the talent and physical capability of being a two-way wing who can shoot, score and defend. After players like Aaron Gordon and P.J. Washington were critical to Finals teams the past two years, Salaun may continue to rise into the lottery or beyond.