Raptors Final Big Board: Ranking Top 31 prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft has arrived, and it's time for the final Raptors Big Board ranking the top 31 prospects in the draft.
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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No. 24: Tristan Da Silva, Forward, Colorado

NBA teams love forwards who can dribble, pass and shoot, and Tristan Da Silva is 6’8” with a smooth jumper and excellent feel for the game. He loves to leverage his perimeter gravity to cut hard to the basket and finish inside. He is also 23 years old and a below-average athlete, and he is almost certainly position-locked at power forward where the Raptors have someone entrenched.

No. 25: Isaiah Collier, Guard, USC

Isaiah Collier was once thought to be the No. 1 prospect in this draft class, but small guards in the NBA absolutely have to have one skill to succeed: shooting. Collier has a great handle, is a good passer and can finish inside no matter how crowded it is. He also is a terrible shooter who can’t even sniff 70 percent from the line, and when you add in heaps of turnovers and average athleticism there’s not much hope that it will all come together for him.

No. 26: Jaylon Tyson, Wing, California

An intriguing 3-and-D prospect at Texas Tech two seasons ago, Jaylon Tyson transferred to Cal last year and became a high-usage on-ball dynamo. His role in the NBA is likely more of the former than the latter, but his ability to shine in multiple roles is a good sign, and his excellence on catch-and-shoot triples should bode well for his role adjustment in the NBA.

No. 27: Kel'el Ware, Big, Indiana

Kel’el Ware has all of the skill potential to be a 3-and-D center, with a large wingspan and good shot-blocking instincts and the confidence to take 3-pointers from outside. The problem with Ware is that he is not particularly good at any of those things, and if you ask him to score the basketball inside he is a wreck. He looks like more of a Chris Boucher type of “unicorn” big than someone who can become a starter.