Raptors Final Big Board: Ranking Top 31 prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft has arrived, and it's time for the final Raptors Big Board ranking the top 31 prospects in the draft.
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette
Baylor Scheierman, Creighton and Tyler Kolek, Marquette / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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No. 28: Cam Christie, Guard, Minnesota

A 6’4” gunner who is dying to play alongside teammates who can feed him the ball, Cam Christie has a 3-point shot he can uncork from well beyond the arc and the footwork to be dangerous as a pull-up shooter or catch-and-shoot dynamo. He is also a good defender and projects as a 3-and-D shooting guard who brings all of the benefits of a movement shooter but isn’t toast on defense.

No. 29: Kyshawn George, Wing, Miami

Keshawn George is 6’7” with a repeatable, accurate jump shot and great tools on defense. He also barely played in the French B League two years ago, then was merely a role player on a terrible Miami team last year. Is he a diamond in the rough, or is he merely not that great at basketball?

No. 30: Ryan Dunn, Forward, Virginia

The best defender in this draft class may also be its worst offensive player, making Ryan Dunn a fascinating test case wherever he lands. He is a true defensive difference-maker, able to defend multiple positions and comfortable protecting the rim, defending on the perimeter or rotating in help defense. On offense he can’t shoot, can’t pass and seems terrified of doing both, so he will need to take strides in that area to clear an NBA rotation long-term.

No. 31: Tyler Smith, Forward, G League Ignite

While top prospects Ron Holland and Matias Buzelis were disappointing in the G League, stretch big Tyler Smith was outperforming expectations lighting it up from outside. He has good defensive tools but is probably specifically a “stretch 4” without the size to play center nor the speed to play the 3. He needs to develop as a defender to earn a long-term role, but the offensive floor is there if he can.

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