Raptors Mock Draft: Toronto trades Poeltl and Brown, drafts 4 perfect prospects

The Toronto Raptors can trade into the 2024 NBA Draft, giving them even more options to improve the team.
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA Draft is now less than a week away, which means the rubber is about to hit the road. All of the research, scouting, interviews, workouts and prayers the Toronto Raptors are doing to prepare is about to lead to a couple of fast decisions during the two-night NBA Draft.

The Raptors cannot simply come up with a plan for picks No. 19 and 31, their two current picks. The most likely outcome is that they will make those two selections, but a number of trade possibilities exist that could change things. What if they trade out of pick No. 31 for future draft capital? What if they package the pick with a player to add an established player?

Raptors could trade into the first round

As the Raptors consider the options ahead of them, they could move off of veteran players in order to trade back into the first round of the draft. They lost the No. 8 pick to the San Antonio Spurs, but could they move back into the lottery via a draft night trade?

Let's look at a scenario that sees the Raptors move off of not one but two key veteran players, and in exchange gains back two additional first-round picks in this year's draft. What could a four-person draft class look like to completely overhaul Toronto's roster? How might the Raptors' draft strategy change if they are able to address not one but three first-round needs?

Let's look at the three-team trade and then make a draft selection at each of the four draft slots in our latest Raptors Mock Draft to reshape the roster behind the stars.