Raptors Mock Draft: Toronto trades Poeltl and Brown, drafts 4 perfect prospects

The Toronto Raptors can trade into the 2024 NBA Draft, giving them even more options to improve the team.
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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Pick No. 19: Kyle Filipowski, Duke

With their original No. 19 pick acquired from the Indiana Pacers in the Pascal Siakam deal, the Toronto Raptors don't need to address backup point guard or perimeter defense necessarily, and when you add Topic and Walter to Quickley, Gradey Dick and De'Anthony Melton it seems like the backcourt is set.

The frontcourt, however, could use some work. With Jakob Poeltl out the door the Raptors are out their starting center. Paul Reed will probably get the first crack at starting, while Kelly Olynyk will be the backup, but the Raptors could use a first-round talent to develop into the long-term starter. Ideally, that big man could dribble, pass and shoot in addition to protecting the rim.

Enter Duke big man Kyle Filipowski, a 6'11" center who has a guard's skillset. He is comfortable handling the ball, either in dribble handoffs or big-big actions with Scottie Barnes. He is comfortable shooting from the perimeter but can also score in the post, and he reads the court well and can make quick decisions on the short roll or in other actions.

Defensively Filipowski is not the rim protector that Poeltl is, but he plays hard and has good size, and he again reads the court well and knows where to be. It's not unreasonable to think he will improve each year as a defender. His skillset and floor-spacing ability would make him an ideal pairing with Barnes in the frontcourt, and he looks like a potential steal as a onetime Top-10 prospect who is slipping down draft boards for no clear reason late in the draft process.