Raptors News: Catastrophic injuries, draft odds, Porter retires, embracing the tank

Otto Porter Jr., Toronto Raptors and Bilal Coulibaly, Washington Wizards
Otto Porter Jr., Toronto Raptors and Bilal Coulibaly, Washington Wizards / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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It's been another tumultuous week for the Toronto Raptors, who can't seem to keep things quiet and fly under the radar. Every week is another injury, another trade or another headline. This week was no different.

From some sobering injury news, to the death of a playoff push, to more injuries, to some spirited losses, to more injury news, it's been busy. Last Tuesday evening the New Orleans Pelicans crossed the border and absolutely demolished the Raptors by 41 points. Toronto had no answers for Zion Williamson running the offense.

Then they hit the road and played three close games despite their injuries, going 0-3 to open the trip but taking each game to the wire. They lost by seven points in Phoenix, lost in overtime in Portland and took the defending champs to the wire in Denver.

Let's dig into all of the storylines from a busy week. It's Tuesday, so that means it's Raptors News!

Otto Porter Jr. officially retires

Otto Porter Jr. has had a fascinating but often tortured career, earning big contracts because of his talent and ability to fit with any lineup but struggling with injuries at all the worst times. The 2022 season was lightning in a bottle, with Porter getting healthy just in time for a playoff run where he played a key role for the Golden State Warriors, earning himself a much-deserved ring in the process.

Coming off the shine of that championship season, Porter had plenty of suitors around the league. Rather than sign elsewhere, or return to the Warriors, Porter chose the Toronto Raptors. Not many free agents do that, so it was a notable event.

Unfortunately, those injuries returned and prevented Porter from making a huge impact in Toronto. They moved him in the Kelly Olynyk deal this past deadline, and the Utah Jazz just waived him as he announced his retirement. Porter noted that his body just would not allow him to play NBA basketball.

It's a disappointing end to his career, but he'll always have that ring.