Raptors Trade Rumors: Bruce Brown is crucial to adding this star point guard

The Toronto Raptors could swing for the fences with a potential Dejounte Murray deal, with Bruce Brown’s $23M team option serving as monetary filler.
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The Toronto Raptors would be adding a star-level guard

Of course, Dejounte Murray is the key target in the deal, but underutilized forward AJ Griffin could prove to be a sneaky high-upside pickup for the Toronto Raptors. Son of ex-Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin, AJ had a solid rookie campaign with the Hawks in 2022-23, finishing the year averaging just over eight points, two rebounds, and averaging 39% on his three-pointers. Surprisingly, young AJ's playing time decreased significantly in the 2023-24 season, dropping from nearly twenty minutes per game in his rookie season to a mere eight minutes per game.

AJ Griffin could benefit from a fresh start and potentially reach new heights with the Raptors' developmental system, much like Ochai Agbaji, who Toronto acquired through a trade last season. It doesn't seem like Atlanta values him all that much right now, so Toronto should definitely throw his name in the deal and take a swing for the 20-year-old.

Dejounte would be a strong backcourt mate alongside Immanuel Quickley. Quickley's growth as a playmaker could see him resume his role as primary ball handler, but his sharpshooting skills could also see him flourish at the shooting guard position. Whether Toronto wants to experiment with Dejounte leading the pack or keep things the same with IQ, this isn't a guard pairing that looks wonky on paper, compared to Murray's cohesion with Trae Young.

Toronto has its sights on a bright future, and bringing Dejounte Murray and AJ Griffin on board could help propel the team back to playoff success once again. With a starting five consisting of Murray, IQ, RJ Barrett, Scottie Barnes, and Jakob Poeltl, and a strong bench featuring Olynyk, Gradey Dick, AJ Griffin, and Ochai Agbaji, Toronto could potentially emerge as a sleeper team in the Eastern Conference once again. The addition of further talent in free agency could also bolster their roster and make them a more formidable opponent in the upcoming season.

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