Raptors trade targets: 2 realistic, 1 pipe dream options to consider

The Raptors could land some impactful players for Pascal Siakam.
Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors
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Realistic: Jonathan Kuminga

Kuminga is a very polarizing player, and Golden State's tradeable assets outside of him lacking in value will make it quite hard for the Raptors to agree on a deal. While his lack of shooting won't be for anyone, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how Kuminga could reach his potential in Toronto.

A high-flying forward who can attack the rim and play multiple positions, Kuminga will be a replacement for Siakam that can soar past the milquetoast heights of average and below average where most non-Pascal players at that position in Toronto have remained.

Jonathan Kuminga could make the Toronto Raptors very happy.

Golden State might be on the verge of a huge move, as their continued losing and inability to mesh their ultra-young core with their aging veterans have this entire rotation thrown all out of whack. Kuminga might be one of the young faces who gets kicked out of town in the reboot.

The Raptors should not deal with Golden State unless Kuminga is in the deal, as it becomes very difficult to stomach the idea of a Siakam trade when Andrew Wiggins will likely need to be included for financial reasons. Moses Moody and veteran scraps won't be enough to get a deal done here.