Sign or Malign: 3 free agent targets for the Raptors and whether they're worth it

Buddy Hield, Philadelphia 76ers
Buddy Hield, Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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No. 2: Klay Thompson

In some ways, Klay Thompson's career has benefited from playing alongside a Top-10 player of all time in Stephen Curry, allowing Klay to prove himself in meaningful playoff situations and putting four championships at the top of his career accomplishments. At the same time, Klay may be heralded as the greatest shooter of all time were it not for playing in the exact same era as Stephen Curry.

Even playing in the shadow of Chef Curry, Thompson has more than made his own mark. Even at 34 years old and with two major leg injuries in his past Thompson is showing out as a shooter, leading the league in 3-pointers made last season and on track for around 265 again this season, a top-25 mark all-time (Klay and Curry dominate the list of single seasons above that number).

At the same time, Thompson's defense has slipped significantly since his lockdown peak, and he has never contributed much in way of rebounds, assists, steals or blocks. He is moving into a role as a designated shooter and scorer, and even the Warriors have begun deploying him off the bench.

If Thompson were available on a modest deal around $15 million per season, his high-volume shooting could make such a swing by the Raptors worth it. He will almost certainly cost more, however, especially since if he does walk away from the Warriors it will be about money. The Raptors aren't competing for a title anytime soon, so investing in Thompson doesn't make sense for them.

Verdict: Malign