3 Things Raptors fans should root for, 4 to root against to close season

Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers
Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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The 2023-24 season is rapidly coming to a close, and the Toronto Raptors and their fans could not be more excited to see it come. This year has been a painful one, from saying goodbye to franchise icons to witnessing a 15-game losing streak that was just barely snapped in their last game.

Just one week remains for the Raptors and the remainder of the NBA, as next Sunday will mark the end of the regular season and the start of the postseason. The Raptors will not be taking part in the postseason, instead looking ahead of the NBA Draft Lottery in May to see if they hold onto their pick.

That doesn't mean there is nothing to root for, however, and Raptors fans can come up with a number of reasons to root for various things to happen -- or not happen -- down the stretch. We've come up with a list for you of the various things fans should root for and against down the stretch, beginning with the most obvious one.

Root for Wins!

Breaking the losing streak before it reached franchise-worst length (just two shy of tying the record of 17) was a major accomplishment for the short-handed Raptors on Friday night. The losing streak did help to move them into position to retain their first-round pick, although it's still basically a coin flip that they will keep it.

It may seem that the Raptors should keep losing to secure that pick or to improve it, but the reality is that the Raptors are largely locked into position. If they were to win out they might move back "ahead" of the Memphis Grizzlies, but otherwise they can safely win a few games and still keep their sixth-place spot in the lottery odds.

Memphis is three wins "ahead" of the Raptors at 27-50, while the Portland Trail Blazers are three wins "behind" at 21-56. Losing every game is unlikely to catch the Blazers, and winning two or probably even three won't be enough to bump the Grizzlies. Win away Toronto!