3 Things Raptors fans should root for, 4 to root against to close season

Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers
Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Root For Bruce Brown to play well

While Trent won't have a ton of trade value no matter how he finishes, Bruce Brown is a player much more likely to have suitors around the league. He is still less than a year removed from winning a championship with the Denver Nuggets and landing a lucrative contract in free agency. After he was the primary matching salary in the Pascal Siakam trade, Brown is now on the Raptors and capable of being traded this summer.

The problem is that Brown has been downright terrible since joining the Raptors, with one of the worst point differentials on the team, which is hard to do when you are a proven veteran playing alongside two-ways and 10-days. His value has continued to tarnish over the last two months.

If Brown can get hot over the last five games, hitting his 3-pointer and attacking the rim aggressively on cuts and drives, his defensive track record and proven playoff value could be enough to attract suitors this summer. If Brown doesn't play well, the Raptors are more likely to decline his team option and simply allow him to walk this summer. The better option is trading Brown and getting back an asset or two, and a strong close makes that more likely.

Root For the Memphis Grizzlies

While it's almost certainly safe to root for the Toronto Raptors to win a few games down the stretch, if they suddenly got hot and won three or more games, it's possible that they could fall back a spot in the lottery and decrease their chances of keeping their Top-6 first-round pick.

That's why rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies to continue to win absolutely secures their spot in the lottery standings. Go Grizzlies!