6 Players Scottie Barnes should be recruiting during All-Star weekend

Raptors star Scottie Barnes should be busy during All-Star weekend trying to convince these players to join him in Toronto. 

Toronto Raptors, Scottie Barnes
Toronto Raptors, Scottie Barnes / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Paul George

PG-13 can become an unrestricted free agent this summer if he declines his $48.7 million player option. He went home to join forces with Kawhi Leonard and compete for championships. Now, the Clippers have several roster decisions to make this summer. They locked up Kawhi, but James Harden and Russell Westbrook can join George as free agents.

George is back on the All-Star team and healthy this season. He has already played 49 games and his most in the previous four seasons is 56. The 33-year-old still makes a massive impact on both ends of the floor and figures to get a significant payday this summer.

PG-13 wants to stay with the Clippers, but no extension has been done. This is likely George’s last chance at a massive multi-year contract, so he could be trying to get every season and penny from the deal.

If they cannot work things out, the Toronto Raptors are projected to have cap space this summer. Paul George fits their prototype as a 6’8 wing with length and defensive versatility. They could play him next to Scottie Barnes and have one of the best wing duos in the NBA. Convincing him Toronto is the best long-term fit won’t be easy, but Barnes should try at All-Star weekend.