Which 3 NBA legends should Scottie Barnes model his game after?

The Toronto Raptors' future is heavily reliant on the growth of their superstar; luckily Scottie Barnes has plenty of role models to work off of.
Dallas Mavericks v Toronto Raptors
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Legend No. 2: Carmelo Anthony

Indisputably one of the greatest one-on-one scorers in NBA history, Carmelo Anthony's offensive versatility was a major factor in leading the Nuggets to seven consecutive playoff runs in his first seven seasons.

Where Carmelo's mastery of the game was on full display was his understanding of the triple-threat. No matter the situation, Carmelo had a seemingly endless array of moves in his arsenal which he could pull out as he saw fit.

Much like a chess grandmaster, Carmelo was adept at playing reactionary basketball, allowing his opponent's movements to dictate his next step. To complement his vision, Carmelo would actively seek out contact in the paint any chance he could, a skill that Scottie is capable of, if not in frustratingly erratic spouts.

Scottie has shown flashes of brilliance in creating from the triple threat, but more often than not his production in these situations is reliant on his physical superiority over his defender. We've seen Scottie completely overpower defenders in the paint when they're aware of what his next move is, so if he can add a bit more unpredictability in his bag he could become an opposing team's worst nightmare.