Toronto Raptors: Creating the team’s all-time roster

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TORONTO, ON – DECEMBER 17: Vince Carter

Over the years the Toronto Raptors have had many talented players. What is the best 12-man roster the team could create from past legends?

The Toronto Raptors have played 23 seasons, during which they have seen many great players. But who, at their peak, was the best of the best?

Rather than slog through the list of the best individual seasons, a more fun way is to imagine the Raptors’ all-time roster.

Compared to other franchises, the Raptors’ all-time roster is a little weak. It’s not the fault of the franchise, which has had good success during its time in the NBA, but instead a result of only being around for 23 years.

How can Toronto compete with a franchise like the Milwaukee Bucks who have been around for twice as long, much less compare to a historic organization like the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics?

Still, it’s fun to think what all the best Raptor players could accomplish at their peaks.

When creating an all-time roster, there are two different paths to take. You can focus on the all-time list of talent and try to assemble the best 12 players, or you can attempt to build the best possible TEAM.

For our list we will be focusing on the latter, factoring in fit and playing style, along with overall talent.

Of course when creating the perfect team, it’s important to build the team based around the league and competition they would be facing. For this list, our team will be theoretically be playing in the 2018-2019 season.  That means threes, spacing, and two-way capabilities will be heavily considered.

The Rules

  • The team will contain 12 players with one corresponding Raptor season defining their play.
  • Players can be used only once. For example: 2006-07 Chris Bosh cannot be the power forward if 2007-08 Bosh is the team’s center.
  • Upcoming seasons (Kawhi Leonard) will not be counted.

With the following restrictions, let’s take a look at the Raptors’ all-time team, starting with the point guards.

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