Toronto Raptors: Five best point guards in Raptors history

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The Toronto Raptors have had an endless list of point guards in their 23-year history. Some good, some bad. Who are the top five point guards in franchise history?

Until recently, the Toronto Raptors haven’t had a history of developing many point guards. Fred VanVleet and Delon Wright are two young point guards who have made their way up from the bottom and are now establishing themselves as real players. Not every point guard had that luxury. Marcus Banks springs to mind – well, sort of.

The history of point guards in Toronto isn’t a luxurious list. Many great point guards have played for the Raptors, but not many point guards have played great for the Toronto Raptors.

If this list was the best point guards to ever play for the Toronto Raptors it might look a bit different. For instance – Chauncey Billups would not only make the list but be ranked number one.  

Alas, this is the five best point guards in Raptors history and sadly: Chauncey Billups isn’t one of them. 

Overall, the list is respectable if not great. It’s not quite as luxurious as the best centers to play in franchise history, but at least it is better than the all-time list of small forwards.

Another important thing to monitor, this list could be changing fairly shortly. Fred VanVleet has the potential to be a sixth man of the year during the next couple of seasons, and depending upon whether you label Wright as a shooting guard or point guard, he will also soon be approaching the bottom-end of this list.

But they aren’t quite there yet. So for now, we take a look at the top-five point guards in franchise history, starting with T.J. Ford.