Five hypothetical All-Star events the Toronto Raptors should compete in

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The NBA has changed its All-Star format multiple times over the years trying to find its ideal format. Here are the best new competitions we’d like to see the Toronto Raptors compete in.

The Toronto Raptors will certainly be sending Kawhi Leonard to the 68th Annual NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other attendees are still in question.

Kawhi’s representation will help the team look good even on an international stage in front of even casual basketball fans. The question is, “Could there be an even more entertaining and competitive format to do it?”

Last year, for the first time in 67 years, the NBA changed it’s All-Star format. Conferences didn’t matter thanks to a draft which created the composition of each team. Team LeBron James beat team Stephen Curry. Since the NBA has shown a willingness to step out of their comfort zone, it would great to watch our deserving Raptors players compete in some new formats.


This format is simple. Every player has played this style game in the yard or at practice. One player lines up against another in an attempt to score. They play until one of them has scored five baskets. Each time a bucket is made, the player getting scored on is given the next possession. No rebounding is allowed. Once the ball is shot, it either goes in or the players reset and the defender gets the ball. Most NBA players limit the number of dribbles, although perhaps that isn’t best for a showcase.

All the All-Stars would first play elimination games against others who play the same position.  The guards play only other guards and forwards go up against other forwards. This sets up a final match of the last remaining guard against the final forward.

Before even getting to the finals, there would be a lot of intriguing matchups. For example, you could have LeBron James try his luck against Kawhi Leonard. This would be must-watch television. Even teammates could face off against one another. It would be fun to see Pascal Siakam go against Leonard. By the end of the competition, the same debate is sure to take place, comparing the value of each position.


The NBA stole the NHL’s All-Star draft idea. It’s not too far-fetched to think that they could also use the hockey league’s exhibition tournament format as well. Each division could have their own six-man squad (three starters, three bench), dueling for the league’s divisional crown. — The Atlantic Division’s starters would likely entail Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Joel Embiid. A trio which would probably do pretty well.

In order to help boost the competitive nature of these contests, a large sum of money will be given to the winner. Also, so as to keep the games moving, they will be played under modified streetball rules. Referees will still be used to make calls, but no players will be awarded free throws. Instead, a foul will just award the victimized team the ball.

Mascot Dunk Competition

The most popular part of the weekend happens during the skills competition. It is the dunk competition. It always leads off network evening and morning highlights. Piggybacking on the success and adding some levity to festivities would be a competition between team mascots. Having them go at each other complete with their regular hijinx would add wonderful entertainment to the events.

The Raptor would have an edge in this competition. Toronto’s mascot is both athletic and creative. The crowd could enjoy seeing impressive trampoline aided dunks and clever sabotage of the other mascots. Young fans from around the NBA are sure to enjoy some fun.


Last season saw the launch of a partnership between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive. 17 franchises, including the Raptors, submitted teams to compete in an esports league playing NBA 2K Sports. The league had a tournament that crowned Knicks Gaming its champions. Unfortunately, Raptors Uprising, Toronto’s team, lost in the playoffs to Cavs Legion GC.

Since the NBA has committed to the medium, it is the perfect time to see the Raptors Uprising in action. As it is the All-Star Game, each team should choose two of its six members to compete in a mini-tournament. It will last throughout the weekend and be available to watch online.


This classic game can get to be a lot of fun. Players face off with one challenging the other(s) to make a shot in a specific way. If one makes the shot, but the other doesn’t then they get a letter. This continues until someone spells out H-O-R-S-E. Once a player spells it out, they are eliminated.

Each team can choose one representative. It would be up to the franchise to decide who they want in the game. It could be a retired player, an executive, one of their broadcasters, an affiliated WNBA or G-League player, a famous fan, or anyone else that the team decides would be a good fit.

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Finding the person the Raptors send would be simple. While most would immediately choose Drake to continue his run as a representative for the organization, it would be another performer who would be a better fit. Justin Bieber would be the best candidate since he is not just Canadian, but also a decent baller. He was named MVP of the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.