Who are the Toronto Raptors top five fan favourites right now?

Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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4. Pascal Siakam

When you have a story like Pascal Siakam, how could you not love a guy like him? The Cameroonian born player didn’t play basketball until he was a teen. He lost his dad when he was young, using that as motivation for him when he plays. Playing with a humble, but hungry attitude,

Siakam’s relentless effort and consistency are what the Raptors fans love about him. He is like the old reliable tool in your tool shed. No matter what the project is, you know that your tool will be ready to work.

In his first full year as a starter, fans were blown away by the leap he took. His performance this past year is giving fans hope about what the team can do this upcoming season. Us fans have some pleasure in knowing that we have one of the top young talents in the NBA on our team.

When the nicknames “Spicy-P” and “P-Sizzle” are bestowed upon you, that is a clear sign that fans have taken a liking to you. Siakam has taken these nicknames and rolled with them, even getting his own bottle of hot sauce. Not sure how spicy it is, but if it is anything like his basketball skills there is sure to be quite a kick of spiciness.

Fans love a player who can back up his name with his play, Siakam has proven why these terms of his are going to be a permanent staple in his career. Toronto fans can have inner peace knowing that they birthed what is one of the coolest nicknames in the NBA.

One thing that makes Siakam a fan favorite is a genuine appreciation for the Raptors and the fans.  Even in his acceptance speech for the Most Improved Player Award, he shouted out the Toronto fans and everything they give to the city and himself.

Love is something that can’t be faked, and in this relationship, there is love on both sides. Pascal’s love with Toronto seems to be in the honeymoon phase, especially after their first championship. With what is coming for P-Sizzle and the team this upcoming season, that love is only going to grow.

We love Pascal Siakam and we know for a fact he loves us back. He plays the game with consistency and intensity and that is all we can ask for. It was fun to see him grow into a young star, and it is possible that we can see this fan favorite stay with us for the rest of his career.