The ultimate Toronto Raptors fan favourite bracket: Round of 16

Jerome Williams - Toronto Raptors (Photo by: Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images)
Jerome Williams - Toronto Raptors (Photo by: Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images) /
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New Wave bracket continued

(3) Terrence Ross vs (6) Amir Johnson

3) Terrence Ross

The 8th overall pick of the 2013 draft, Terrence Ross was productive right away for the Toronto Raptors. He appeared in 73 games for the Dinos, averaging over six points per contest.

Ross even won the NBA dunk contest his rookie season, although we’re not talking about a Vince Carter showdown. The contest will be remembered as one of the worse in NBA history.

With flashes of a high-flying dunk machine and three-point bomber, Ross always seemed poised to put the pieces together.  Next season always felt like the breakout year for Ross, except it never was. He was beloved by Raptor fans for what he might do next, more than what he actually produced.

But when he was traded, Ross gave the fans a beautiful thank you in the Player’s Tribune. He truly loved Toronto, an important feeling for fans to have after being passed up so many times.

Ross has almost become more beloved after leaving than he was during his playing days. He regularly receives cheers when he returns, as he’s developed into a solid sixth man for the Orlando Magic.

6) Amir Johnson

Terrence Ross was loved for his potential. Amir Johnson was loved for his production. The scrappy power forward was the type of player who was impossible to hate. He wasn’t overly gifted, but he fought, scratched, and clawed to become a valuable NBA player.

Amir played five seasons with the Raptors, starting with Chris Bosh and ending with the current team. He was the connecting piece between two eras. He played just as hard when the team was winning 20-something games, as when they were battling in the playoffs.

Toronto doesn’t have many long-tenured role players throughout their history.  Yet, with pieces constantly shuffling around him Johnson managed to remain with the team. He became a fan favorite the simplest way possible, by playing hard and producing.

(2) Bismack Biyombo vs (7) Chris Boucher

2) Bismack Biyombo

No one has received more fanfare (and cash) from two performances than Bismack Biyombo. Biyombo was liked by Raptors fans during his single season with the team, but after Games 3 and 4 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, he became loved.

During that two-game stretch, which abled the Raptors to tie the series, Biyombo averaged 6.0 points,  3.5 blocks, and 20 rebounds per game! He dominated the Cavaliers inside the paint, and for a second, gave Raptors fans brief hope of the NBA Finals.

After his big-time performance, in a 2016 offseason which saw a number of horrific contracts, Biyombo got offered a monster 4 year $72 million deal. Masai Ujiri stayed disciplined and wisely declined to match.

His time with the Raptors was brief, his time as a fan favorite lasted for only a few days, but no one inspired more in a short amount of time than Bismack Biyombo.

7) Chris Boucher

The only current Raptor in the bracket, Chris Boucher is the definition of a fan favorite. Beloved by crowds despite little to no production, Boucher has the ability to grow into this role even further.

Canadian-born, Boucher will always have a leg up on the competition. Fans love the hometown hero, and while Boucher isn’t from Toronto, being North of the Border will earn you a few brownie points.

His playing style is also an extreme selling point. He blocks shots, fires triples, and plays with a “baby deer learning to walk” type of clumsiness which is sort of endearing for whatever reason. The man is a walking heat check, launching more threes per minute played than anyone on the roster.

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Entering just his second season with the team, Boucher has the ability to climb up this ranking, even if he falls to Biyombo in round one.