Toronto Raptors: Signing Donta Hall to meet roster requirements makes too much sense

The Toronto Raptors have remained steadfast in their commitment to do as little as possible to address the lack of rebounding, as Aron Baynes and Pascal Siakam, the latter of whom is out of position at center, continue to take up most of the minutes at center. Considering they had Donta Hall on the books, their decision to suddenly get nervous about playing him is a bit backwards.

Hall, who was one of the most dominant rebounders in the SEC at Alabama, was a member of the G League’s Ignite team that featured prospects like Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga. The Raptors acquired him and assigned him to Raptors 905, but he never played a minute of NBA basketball with Toronto.

The Raptors are currently playing without a fully-staffed roster. Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet are dealing with injuries, while Paul Watson is in the league’s health and safety protocols. If the Raptors are serious about the play-in tournament, they need to add some depth.

The Raptors need to sign someone before Thursday in order to meet the league’s minimum roster requirements. Toronto liked Hall enough to acquire him in the G League, so why not make a move for him?

Donta Hall would give the Toronto Raptors a solid rebounder

In 50 career G League Games, Hall has averaged 14.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game. Having already had a few above-average games in the Disney bubble for the Brooklyn Nets last season, Hall has clearly outgrown the minor leagues and needs some reps at the NBA level.

Hall doesn’t have much of an offensive game outside of catching the ball and dunking, but that’s now what the Raptors need right now. they have enough distributors and creators. Can they find someone who is willing to stick hid behind out down in the low post, battle for rebounds, and use his strength to finish off of pick-and-rolls?

Baynes played well against the Washington Wizards, but anyone who has watched a fragment of Raptors games this year can see how inconsistent he is in that regard. Hall won’t cost a ton of money, will not demand touches on offense, and helps fix Toronto’s biggest issue right now. So…what’s the hold up?

Hesitation has already cost the Raptors once, as Alize Johnson is not only surviving on the Brooklyn Nets roster, but thriving. Rather than allow a potential contender to snatch him up for nothing, Toronto needs to pick him up, allow him to get enough minutes to make an impact, and see