Toronto Raptors: Why Malachi Flynn’s dad’s posts help and hurt the squad

Toronto Raptors - Malachi Flynn (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Malachi Flynn (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images) /

In an up and down season for the Toronto Raptors, one bright light has been the play of rookie point guard Malachi Flynn in recent weeks. Eric Flynn’s son is averaging 5.9 points per game with a 36.3% field goal percentage, including scoring 18 points and taking over the fourth quarter against the Cavaliers on Monday night.

Flynn already has plenty of supporters, with Raptors’ fans, teammates, and coaching staff members very excited about what they’ve seen from him so far. As would be expected, Eric is his son’s biggest fan. Eric is also pretty active on social media, particularly Facebook.

Flynn’s favorite topic to post about on social media is, you guessed it, his son Malachi. In recent weeks Eric has become well-known to Raptors fans for both sharing happy reflections and memories of his son’s rise to the NBA, often punctuated or introduced by his trademark RAPTOR NATION calling card.

However, Flynn has been critical of the Raptors coaching staff, particularly if his son isn’t playing enough. Is this a case of a proud dad giving more access and information about his son to fans? Or is this a case of an overzealous sports dad, who is ultimately an unwelcome distraction to the team?

Toronto Raptors: Eric Flynn has overzealous “sports dad” energy

Papa Flynn first came onto Raptors fans’ radar a month and a half ago, after Eric posted a lengthy comment to a Facebook group about his son’s lack of playing time. He posted in March, “I say this not because I am Malachi Flynn’s dad. Malachi Flynn was number 1 in the country last year running the pick and roll.”

Flynn would go on to further highlight Malachi’s accomplishments in college and imply his son deserved more playing time, especially given his skills on the aforementioned pick and rolls. He would continue in the post, “To not allow him to [play pick and roll for the Raptors] is like telling Patrick Mahomes he can’t pass the football.”

That seems…excessive.

Nick Nurse hasn’t commented publicly on Flynn or his criticisms, and perhaps it is best to deal with issues around playing time internally and without external opinions. Flynn has received more playing time of late, despite his dad’s barbed musings, and the results have been impressive.

Having a strong support system can help Malachi Flynn and the Raptors.

Distracting “sports dad” energy aside, one can’t fault Eric for loving and supporting his son. In fact, this can benefit Malachi and the Toronto Raptors. Having a voice in your corner like that could help keep Flynn stable amid the challenges of the NBA, especially early in his career,

Malachi’s supportive upbringing, along with the fact he has someone in his corner that will help him develop as a player and a person, is all the more reason for Flynn to keep posting away. In a season that has been so fractured given the unusual circumstances, disappointing performances, and races to dish out blame, Flynn’s positivity is welcomed.

Flynn and his posts are a good thing. Sure, he could relax a little bit and realize his son is still a rookie and just give it time, but one can’t fault the man for hyping up his son. Raptors’ fans may end up thanking him for it.

Malachi looks better now, and his confidence continues to grow. We have, partially, Papa Flynn and RAPTOR NATION to thank.

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