Joel Embiid complaining about Raptors fans is incredibly weak

The Toronto Raptors put up a very tough fight against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers in their first-round playoff series. Still, Toronto’s lack of depth and Philadelphia’s star power were enough to push Philly to the second round. Embiid was too dominant for a beat-up Raptors squad to corral.

The end of the series has quickly been marred in controversy. Embiid was knocked out of the first two games (both losses) of Philadelphia’s matchup against the Miami Heat after an errant Siakam elbow caught him in the face. While there was no intent, and the two Cameroonians are on good terms, Embiid and the 76ers fanbase are ticked off.

Embiid did return for Game 3, but he still has that playoff series against Toronto fresh on his mind. After complaining about how he was officiated despite the fact he was living at the free throw line for large chunks of the series, Embiid has now wholly ruined whatever goodwill he had left with Toronto’s fanbase.

Embiid said that while he believed the Siakam elbow was unintentional, he has changed his perception of the fanbase. Embiid said that fans getting mad at his airplane celebration was the straw that broke the camel’s back, impressively clutching his pearls by going off on a “think of the children” tangent.

Joel Embiid is upset with Toronto Raptors fans.

On top of the fact that it’s exceedingly weird to be so focused on a team you already beat three games into a second-round series, Embiid really has an issue with fans chanting against a star player after a celebration? The Raptors are the only fanbase that jeers the best player on the opposing team? Get a grip.

You thought the Raptors and their fanbase would just sit there completely mute when he was galavanting around the court in celebration? Embiid earned the right to celebrate by dominating in Game 6. and Raptors fans reserve the right to boo you if you do so. Isn’t that how things work in this league?

Embiid is one of the best players this game has to offer, but going after Raptors fans like this is not a good look for him. I get it; he dominated the Raptors. He is allowed to show off in whatever way he deems necessary. Acting so incredulous when fans respond with boos is weird.

Through his combination of insanely good play and penchant for irritating fans with clutch shot-making and flamboyance, Embiid has shot right up the Raptors’ villain list. His return to Toronto next year is sure to bring an even greater chorus of boos.