Here’s why a Raptors-Bojan Bogdanovic trade shouldn’t happen

As the Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell trade rumors continue to swirl, the Toronto Raptors would not be viewed unusually if they decided to go for a slightly less bombastic trade package. Utah Jazz wing Bojan Bogdanovic has popped up in the rumor mill in recent weeks.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon mentioned that he thinks Toronto is more likely to add Bogdanovic than they are Mitchell. After averaging 17.4 points per game and making over 40% of his 3-pointers in the last five seasons, it’s easy to see why the veteran could garner some trade interest.

While Bogdanovic would be the ideal sweet-shooting vet for this team, any move to acquire him would be packed with difficulties, thanks to where Utah is positioning itself at the moment. The Jazz are willing to part with anyone and everyone as they turn the page on the Quin Snyder era.

With a hefty salary to match and the need to send some first-round draft capital over to the Jazz in exchange for a 33-year-old who can’t defend very well, it might not be the right time or place for Bogdanovic to be on the move. Raptors fans should cancel the No. 44 jersey preorders.

The Toronto Raptors likely won’t get Bojan Bogdanovic.

With $19.4 million in salary to match, the Raptors would need to include multiple players to get a deal done. Trading one of the five starters would be a massive loss for this team. A random amalgamation of Toronto’s leftover bench players will likely not interest Utah.

With Danny Ainge bottoming out, the Raptors will likely have to give up a first-round pick in this deal. Considering how inflated the market is, Ainge might ask for multiple picks. After all, he wanted six for Mitchell. That’s simply not worth it for a player that will come off the bench if a trade ends up being consummated.

Age is being talked about as a potential inhibiting factor in getting a Kevin Durant deal done, so Bogdanovic getting a little long in the tooth will assuredly be a point of discussion. The best course of action for Masai Ujiri could be biding his time and seeing if he can become available at the trade deadline.

Bogdanovic could be a perfect fit with Toronto, but the time is simply not suitable for Toronto. Unless a massive trade for a player like Durant falls into their laps, the Raptors should feel quite strongly about their collection of talent currently on the roster.