Ranking 7 worst Raptors starters of the Kyle Lowry era

Toronto Raptors, Kyle Lowry. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
Toronto Raptors, Kyle Lowry. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Toronto Raptors had their best run in franchise history with Kyle Lowry as their starting point guard. They reached the playoffs seven straight years, including winning their lone championship in 2019. Lowry became an All-Star and legend in Toronto, which made it difficult to see him depart for Miami in 2021.

The sign-and-trade came at the right time for the Raptors. They got Lowry’s prime years and dealt him before the decline fully kicked in. It was still a heart-wrenching decision for a player that meant so much to the organization.

The Raptors won 50-plus games five times and reached new heights with Lowry running the offense, but that did not stop Toronto from making some regrettable decisions. They built a strong roster, but plenty of underperforming players cracked the rotation and even the starting five during his nine years with the team. With the criteria of having at least 20 starts to eliminate players with a one-off appearance, who did not cut it as a starter next to Lowry?

Ranking worst Toronto Raptors starters of the Kyle Lowry era

7. Luis Scola

The Raptors signed the veteran to a one-year deal in 2015. Scola did not come to the NBA until he was 27 and did not arrive in Toronto until after his 35th birthday. The 6’9 forward was past his prime and signed as a backup, but he seized the starting job during training camp. His leadership and versatility stood out, and the veteran ran with the opportunity.

Scola started all 76 games he played during the regular season but wore down as the year progressed. He averaged 8.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 0.9 assists in 21.5 minutes per game. The 6’9 forward connected on over 40 percent of his threes, but things went from bad to worse in the playoffs.

Scola did not have the foot speed to defend on the perimeter, which was quickly exposed. He started the first four games against the Pacers before being benched. The 36-year-old missed the entire second-round series against the Heat save for five minutes in Game 3 before returning for the conference finals. Scola couldn’t guard Kevin Love, which limited him to just 13.3 minutes per game in the series.

Luis Scola brought leadership and a veteran presence that helped the Toronto Raptors reach the conference finals for the first time in franchise history, but his on-court play late in the season made him one of the worst starters of the Kyle Lowry era.