2024 NBA Mock Draft: International players go 1-2-3, Raptors land a stud at No. 6

2024 is a Wide-Open Draft
NBL Rd 12 - Cairns Taipans v  Perth Wildcats
NBL Rd 12 - Cairns Taipans v Perth Wildcats / Emily Barker/GettyImages
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It's NBA Mock Draft season, as teams like the Toronto Raptors officially committing to selling has them (and many other teams who have struggled to stack wins together) looking to the summer with the promise of eventually drafting a standout player who can take their respective franchises out of the doldrums.

While the 2024 class is often regarded as inferior to the 2023 class due to the absence of a generational big man at the top of the order, it makes up for that lack of star power with depth. It's hard not to see All-Star talent all over this draft due to all the versatility and athletic marvels.

The lottery is still very much up in the air, as there hasn't been a clear hierarchy that has emerged in the top three or four picks. That will change soon, especially with a handful of star international players hitting their strides at the right time.

2024 NBA Mock Draft

Sarr 1. Perth Wildcats (Australia). PF. 1. . Alexandre Sarr. . Alexandre Sarr. player. 64

With Cade Cunningham looking every bit as good as Detroit expected and Ausar Thompson showing positive flashes, the Pistons need a true man in the middle. Sarr has All-Defensive potential right out of the box, and his uncommon athleticism for a 7-1 player makes him the presumptive No. 1 pick favorite.

142. Zaccharie Risacher. player. JL Bourg (France). 2. . Zaccharie Risacher. SF/PF. Risacher 2.

Washington goes BPA here, as Risacher brings arguably the best 3-point shooting touch of any wing in this class to the Wizards. With or without a Kyle Kuzma trade, Risacher's sky-high ceiling makes him the clear and obvious pick for a Wizards team who finally bottomed out after years of mediocre play.

NBA Mock Draft: Zaccharie Risacher goes over Nikola Topic.

Crvena Zvedza (Serbia). 29. Topic 3. Nikola Topic. . . Nikola Topic. 3. player. PG

The Spurs need to get the best point guard available to make use of Victor Wembanyama's skillset, and the 6-6 Topic certainly aligns with that vision. Although he's been injured this season, he's proven to be way too good for most of his competition, thanks to his size, finishing, and shooting.

player. Walter 4. . SG. Ja'Kobe Walter. 170. Baylor. 4. . Ja'Kobe Walter

The recent trade of Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat has opened up a huge hole in Charlotte's backcourt next to LaMelo Ball. While Walter may not be the most efficient player in the world, he's the best college guard in this draft and a dynamic slasher who can slide in on a Charlotte team slowly building a solid backcourt with Ball and Brandon Miller.

. G League Ignite. Holland 5. . SF/PF. Ron Holland. 34. Ron Holland. 5. player

Holland's stock is based almost entirely on his shooting, as it is quite subpar at the moment. If the Blazers can figure out, it's not unreasonable to say that he has as high a ceiling as any player in this class. He and Scoot Henderson might rip the Portland rims off the backboard if they both fully develop.