2024 NBA Mock Draft: International players go 1-2-3, Raptors land a stud at No. 6

2024 is a Wide-Open Draft
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. Wooga Poplar. 31. SG. Wooga Poplar. . Miami. 81. Poplar 31. player

Darko Rajakovic and the Raptors will continue to add shooting as they start their retooling, and Poplar's deadeye range can help him become a prime bench sparkplug in Toronto.

SG/PG. Tyrese Proctor. Tyrese Proctor. player. Proctor 32. 32. . 64. . Duke

Proctor's lack of scoring is justifiably concerning, but a 6-5 point guard with tremendous passing skills and defensive instincts isn't something Detroit can afford to pass up at this point.

33. player. Dillon Jones. Dillon Jones. 29. . SF. Weber State. Jones 33.

Jones is just shy of averaging a double-double for the third consuective season. Now that the 6-6, 235-pound wing has become better with the ball in his hands, the Spurs could select him.

Izan Almansa. player. . Almansa 34. 34. Izan Almansa. 34. . PF. G League Ignite

Almansa is a non-shooter right now, but that shouldn't overshadow his effective play in the paint so far. More G League time is needed, but the potential is there for Portland.

89. Judah Mintz. SG. Syracuse. Judah Mintz. . 35. player. Mintz 35.

Mintz's scoring ability inside the arc is clearly first-round quality, but Milwaukee will need to expand his two-way game on the perimeter for him to stick in the pros.

C/PF. 36. Zvonimir Ivisic. player. . . Kentucky. Ivisic 36. Zvonimir Ivisic. 77

Ivisic is a 7-2 shooter who set Twitter ablaze when he made his Kentucky debut. He could rise out of LA's range if he keeps shpwcasing his diverse offensive skillset.

Zach Edey. 37. 86. Edey 37. player. Purdue. C. Zach Edey. .

Edey is a tough player to make work in the modern NBA at 7-4 and 300 pounds, but the team that has won with Rudy Gobert might know what it takes to get the most out of him.

Ajay Mitchell. 169. Mitchell 38. . SG/PG. Ajay Mitchell. 38. . UC Santa Barbara. player

The Rockets could stand to add another point guard if they don't plan to make Amen Thompson into a pure PG, and Mitchell's knack for making tough shots makes him a nice target in this range.

PG/SG. . Devin Carter. player. 34. . Providence. Carter 39. Devin Carter. 39

A point guard who can average over eight rebounds per game makes for one very unique player. Carter may be a backup to Henderson immediately if his jumper improvement doesn't disappear.

Florida State. 40. 169. . . player. Miller 40. PF. Baba Miller. Baba Miller

The idea of Miller is better than what he has put on tape during a iffy year at Florida State. Houston's fourth draft pack may be a long-term developmental dart throw with tons of potential.

. Adama Bal. 41. 18. Bal 41. . SF. Adama Bal. Santa Clara. player

Bal will need to go to a team who is willing to work with him as he smoothes out the rough edges in his offensive game. Luckily, the Celtics have enough depth to do just that.

Brazile 42. PF. Arkansas. 42. player. . Trevon Brazile. 149. . Trevon Brazile

Brazile was created in a lab to be a rim-running power forward, which could give the Thunder yet another interesting two-way Razorback alongside Jaylin Williams.

NBA Mock Draft: Bronny James goes to San Antonio.

. Bronny James. USC. Bronny James. 43. player. 29. . SG. James 43

He's going to get drafted. No point in debating that. San Antonio will be patient with him and allow him to work on getting back into prime form after his health scare in the offseason.

. SG. Creighton. Alexander 44. player. . 44. Trey Alexander. Trey Alexander. 27

The Knicks could use a bench gunner after Evan Fournier gets kicked out of town, and Alexander's ball-handling history in college is a major plus.

Clemson. player. PJ Hall. 45. Hall 45. . PF. 38. . PJ Hall

A perfect stretch big man who can shoot and block shots, Hall might get some actual rotation time if Orlando wants to keep rolling with some of their younger names.

Evans 46. PF. 46. . 18. . Oregon. Kwame Evans. Kwame Evans. player

Boston always places a premium on versatility in the frontcourt, and Evans' raw talent could make him a G League stash that will eventually be converted into a solid NBA player.

Robinson 47. . . SG. 47. Jaxson Robinson. 77. BYU. Jaxson Robinson. player

An elite Sixth Man for the Cougars who will have no trouble making 3-pointers at the enxt level, Robinson could learn from an ideal teacher in Norman Powell with the Clippers.

Carlton Carrington. 48. Carrington 48. 110. . . PG. Pitt. Carlton Carrington. player

Carrington might have an ugly jumper right now, but he is as pesky as they come on the perimeter and always finds ways to pile up rebounds and assists. That sounds like a Heat player.

49. C. UCLA. Adem Bona. Adem Bona. 84. Bona 49. . . player

Bona has continued his excellent performance with the Bruins last year, and his pain wizardry could be enough for Sacramento to view him as an upgrade over Richaun Holmes.

C. Creighton. Ryan Kalkbrenner. 142. Kalkbrenner 50. Ryan Kalkbrenner. . 50. player.

Kalkbrenner's wingspan and experience dominating the Big East in the paint on both ends will likely be enough to get him drafted by a team lacking in height like Washington.

Pelle Larsson. player. . Pelle Larsson. 51. 100. . Larsson 51. SG. Arizona

The Swedish-born Larsson is coming into his own thanks to a deadly 3-point shot, and that jumper might be all Indiana needs to see to use a pick on him.

Harrison Ingram. . player. 93. North Carolina. Harrison Ingram. 52. Ingram 52. . PF

Ingram's inability to take a leap offensively has hurt him, but Nick Nurse's fetish for 6-7 defense-first forwards with athleticism could land him a move to Philadelphia.

C. 53. 100. . . Ariel Hukporti. Ariel Hukporti. player. Hukporti 53. Melbourne United (Australia)

Hukporti will finally enter the draft this year, as his low-post game has translated well in Australia. The Pacers will get the luxury of watching him marinate in the G League.

Caleb Love. Love 54. PG. Arizona. Caleb Love. player. 20. . . 54

Los Angeles needs more microwave scorers, and Love's improvement as an overall shooter has pushed him firmly into draftable range.

player. . Alex Karaban. 169. Karaban 55. . UConn. 55. PF. Alex Karaban

Karaban won't win any high jump contests, but his shooting and rock-solid defense might be enough to get a team like Houston interested.

SF. Cal. Jaylon Tyson. 56. player. Tyson 56. . 100. Jaylon Tyson.

Tyson has been ripping the nets up this season, and his unique brand of instant offense fits in well with Indiana's scouting history.

Holmes 57. Dayton. DaRon Holmes. 57. . PF/C. DaRon Holmes. player. 73.

Holmes has made enough of a shooting improvement for a team like Denver to consider the old-school, low-post rebounder and shot-blocker.

Juan Nunez. 58. 170. . Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany). Juan Nunez. . PG. player. Nunez 58

The Hornets end the draft with Nunez, a 6-3 guard who is a 3-point shot away from sticking in the NBA long-term.