3 first-round picks Raptors must target if they get their lottery pick back

The Raptors could get their pick back with some luck.
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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2. Nikola Topic, PG, Serbia

The 2024 Draft promises to be another tremendous collection of international talent after watching Victor Wembanyama and Bilal Coulibaly go in the Top 10 last season. Along with 7-1 center Alexandre Sarr, Topic will be a Top 10 pick for any team that needs a solid guard.

Topic might stand just under 6-7, but he operates like a traditional point guard. Regarded as a tremendous passer with a great feel for the game and a solid scoring ability inside the arc. Topic has a very high floor, and he could be a dream for any team looking to work their developmental magic.

Nikola Topic would fit in well with the Toronto Raptors.

Topic is not a knockdown shooter right now, and he might need some patience as he tries to put together a more complete offensive game. For a 6-7 guard, there are some questions he needs to answer about his defensive potential against NBA-level perimeter athletes.

While some would be a bit upset at the Raptors drafting another player who will need to evolve into a more complete scoring option, those same fans may have had some doubts about Scottie Barnes becoming what Toronto thought he could be. If they hit on Topic, point guard is solved for a decade,