3 players Raptors must prioritize if they trade Pascal Siakam and start rebuilding

The Raptors might need to move Siakam to improve the roster.

Atlanta Hawks v Toronto Raptors
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1. De'Andre Hunter, Atlanta Hawks

While the Hawks find themselves right next to the Raptors in the standings, their commitment to the Trae Young/Dejounte Murray partnership is so steadfast they may have no other choice but to go all-in on a Siakam trade. Hunter makes sense as a Raptors acquisition.

Hunter's 14.4 points per game are right on with what he's averaged in the last three seasons. With 46/37/88 shooting splits, tremendous defense, and long-term potential yet to be unearthed at age 26, the Raptors need to make sure he comes to Toronto in any Siakam deal.

The Toronto Raptors must insist on De'Andre Hunter in Pascal Siakam talks.

Hunter, a player like either AJ Griffin or Kobe Bufkin, and some of the Hawks' future draft capital could be enough to get a deal done. Ujiri may have been unwilling to pull the trigger on a deal in the offseason, but perhaps this season has made him more receptive to saying yes.

Hunter can slot right into the starting lineup, maintain the team's relatively strong defensive identity, and help with their lack of shooting. Griffin would be a nice addition, but Hunter is the prize, and Siakam won't wear Hawks red and yellow without giving him up.