3 reasons the Raptors fleeced the Knicks in stunning OG Anunoby deal

The Raptors made out quite well in this trade sweepstakes.
New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors
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2. RJ Barrett will go up-tempo more often

While no one will say Barrett is a bad player, fans keep searching for reasons as to why his status within the league has largely flatlined. It could be as simple as him needing a change of scenery, as his role as the tertiary gunner in New York wasn't getting the most out of him.

New York's offense can be very sluggish at times, with the pace low and isolation between Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle taking up a good chunk of offensive possessions. While the Raptors aren't exactly the Splash Brothers Warriors schematically, they could help Barrett find his way due to how free-flowing their attack is.

RJ Barrett could improve with the Toronto Raptors.

Barrett is such an excellent off-ball cutter that Rajakovic made mention of it in his media availability before the Detroit game. Barrett can be an effective transition scorer who shoots well above the break and gets to the basket with regularity if he takes to this scheme.

Barrett, much like Scottie Barnes, can be a tough positional matchup. New York used him more like a traditional small forward and small-ball power forward, but he wants to play like a bigger guard quite often. The Raptors might be willing to cater to his skillset a bit more effectively and make Knicks fans even more mad.