3 reasons the Raptors fleeced the Knicks in stunning OG Anunoby deal

The Raptors made out quite well in this trade sweepstakes.
New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors
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3. Dumping Precious Achiuwa and Malachi Flynn

Achiuwa and Flynn are nice guys who worked very hard to become successful in the NBA, but it just didn't look like they were ever going to reach their full potential in New York. While both of them will have some highs, Knicks fans will be introduced to the same brand of frustration that Toronto has seen for the last three years.

Achiuwa is in the worst spot possible for a bench player. He is always talented enough to get coaches to believe he will eventually put it all together, but not good enough to make all the jigsaw pieces fit. Two different Raptors coaching staffs tried to duct tape that puzzle together, but his volatile nature kept forcing them to restart until they tired of him.

The Toronto Raptors said goodbye to Precious Achiuwa and Malachi Flynn.

The Raptors, should they start Quickley, can lean on a bench of Dennis Schroder and Gary Trent Jr. to lead the charge with Jalen McDaniels and Chris Boucher in supplementary roles. If nothing else, the unit could improve by no longer suffering through poor efficiency brought on by both Achiuwa and Flynn.

While the Raptors' rotation is going to be a bit thin in the short term, they now have a whole offseason with which they can improve. New blood can be brought in rather than trying once again to turn Achiuwa and Flynn into players that can last in the pros.