These 3 Toronto Raptors players can't be traded until December 15

Masai Ujiri might need to wait a bit if he wants to deal these players.
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1. Dennis Schroder

Trading Schroder is almost assuredly not going to happen. Even though he may not have come to Toronto with a ton of expectations due to the disappointing departure of Fred VanVleet, he has set about methodically slicing up defenses to get in the good graces of this fanbase.

Schroder is averaging 16.2 points and 6.9 assists per game on solid 44/36/87 shooting splits. On a team that is lacking guard depth and talent up and down the roster, Schroder coming in and immediately being a beacon of consistency has helped this offense get out of neutral on multiple occasions.

The Toronto Raptors will almost assuredly not trade Dennis Schroder.

Schroder's 12 assists in a win against the Suns, the fifth time this year he's amassed at least 10 assists in a game, show that he can be a big part of Toronto's offensive turnaround. Even if he holds the ball for too long sometimes, no one on this team sets up his teammates better than him.

Schroder is on a two-year deal, and it would be foolish to trade away a veteran player who is producing on an affordable contract. The only way such a move would make sense is another superstar being on the table in a situation that is way too good for Ujiri to refuse.