Grade the Trade: Bill Simmons' terrible Raptors-Warriors Pascal Siakam deal

Why would the Raptors do this?
Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors
Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Toronto Raptors are being targeted by teams all over the league as a potential trade partner, as the idea of a Pascal Siakam swap could help a contender become even deadlier. The Golden State Warriors, who need some extra juice to wake their roster back up,

The Warriors are currently flailing right now due to an aging roster, injuries at very inopportune times, and continuing struggles with integrating some of their younger players. Trading for Siakam might be enough to keep the band together and pull off one last title run before they start drifting apart.

The Warriors were fighting with the Grizzlies as they tried to snag OG Anunoby away from the Raptors last trade deadline, but they were unable to meet Toronto's admittedly lofty asking price. Bill Simmons is pounding the Siakam to Golden State drum, but he's doing it in a way that seemingly only benefits the Warriors and hurts the Raptors.

Simmons proposed a trade that sent Siakam to the Warriors in exchange for Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga. While getting a player like Wiggins seems like a steal for a player on an expiring contract like Siakam, the move gets less impressive the more you dig into the data and analyze the fit.

Grade the Trade: Bill Simmons proposed one-sided Raptors-Warriors Pascal Siakam deal

Wiggins had a tremendous start to his Warriors tenure, and he helped them win a championship. However, he's fallen off a cliff to the point where Golden State would need to include multiple draft picks and additional players to acquire Siakam with him as the best scorer involved in the deal.

Wiggins is averaging just 12.8 points per game this season on 43/27/59 splits, which is a sharp decline from the 17.4 points per game on 47/40/61 percentages he put up last season. Wiggins would help with the team's poor shooting a bit, but not enough to justify dumping Siakam.

Kuminga is the type of player Ujiri typically loves, and he remains a premium athlete, but the combination of Golden State's past ambivalence regarding moving off him and his still poor shooting might make for a hard sell. Years of trading have the Warriors unable to move some of their best draft picks.

Sure, Siakam is an impending free agent, but this deal helps the Warriors land a tremendous offensive difference-maker (with some flaws) while the Raptors get a bunch of scraps and no future picks out of the deal. Wiggins, at this stage of his career, can't lead a pickless package for Siakam.

Grade: D+