Pascal Siakam's camp reportedly shutting down Kings as potential long-term spot

Sacramento bungled their chances of adding a star.
Toronto Raptors v Los Angeles Lakers
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The Toronto Raptors have been keeping their eyes peeled for any team with an interest in possibly trading for star power forward Pascal Siakam. Masai Ujiri hasn't been able to close the deal yet, likely because Pascal hits the open market after this season.

The Sacramento Kings went from a team at the front of the line in the great Siakam chase to yet another pretender who has seen their chances of acquiring him sandblasted away. Both their paltry trade packages and unwillingness to acquire an impending free agent led to this deterioration.

Siakam essentially has a no-trade clause, as he can likely veto any deal by telling the team acquiring him he doesn't see himself as a long-term fixture and won't sign an extension. Even if the Kings finally did offer Keegan Murray, Pascal doesn't seem too keen on the idea of wearing purple and silver.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, Siakam's camp does not see the Kings as a good long-term fit if Toronto decides to make the trade. This isn't an outrageous statement, as Siakam might be limited to the third offensive option if the Kings ended up making that trade.

Toronto Raptors' Pascal Siakam reportedly down on Kings as potential landing spot.

De'Aaron Fox is the top dog in Sacramento, and Domantas Sabonis' style of play might make it challenging for Siakam to really spread his wings offensively. The two are both skilled, passing big men who operate in the low post primarily, which could cause some spacing issues for a team that plays with such pace.

Even if Siakam has enough awareness to know he won't be the primary scorer on a championship team, there's no reason to believe he can't earn a hefty four-year extension and become the No. 2 option on a team that had interest in him previously like Atlanta or Indiana.

Siakam seems ready and willing to stay in Toronto, and the last few weeks may have actually helped convince Ujiri he is worth keeping around. Even with the addition of RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley, Siakam has piled up the points as the Raptors' offense went from milquetoast to electric overnight.

Trading for Siakam is a risky proposition, as any team who acquires him needs to give him an avenue with which he can remain one of the higher-end second options in the game. With Sacramento looking like a strange fit due to Fox and Sabonis, Siakam is crossing them off the list.