Raptors' pursuit of Keegan Murray must pick up after insane scoring barrage

Murray needs to be wearing Raptors red soon.
Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings
Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Of all the teams who have been connected to the Toronto Raptors as they look to possibly trade Pascal Siakam, the Sacramento Kings might be one of the few that have legs. If names like Keegan Murray are still on the bargaining table, it makes sense to see why Masai Ujiri is pursuing this line of inquiry.

Murray, just one year removed from being the No. 4 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, is reportedly one player the Raptors are insistent on acquiring in any trade for Siakam or OG Anunoby. Masai Ujiri is once again driving a very hard bargain for one of his more valuable players.

The Raptors know that Murray is by no means a player the Kings are actively looking to offload. If Toronto wants him, especially after the best game of his career, they need to be aware of the steep price they will need to pay for a potential franchise cornerstone.

Murray recorded 47 points against the Utah Jazz, making 12 of his 13 3-point attempts in what is one of the greatest shooting performances in the history of the NBA. Imagine the Raptors being the launching pad for one of the most exciting young forwards in the game.

Toronto Raptors must trade for Keegan Murray after 47-point game.

In just one game, the Raptors target completely changed the scope of his stats this season. Murray went from scoring 13.8 points per game to 15.5 in just one night, and his 3-point percentage went from 30% to just under 36% on the season.

Murray isn't going to score this many points every night, but he wouldn't have been picked as highly in the NBA Draft if he wasn't capable of a night like this every now and again. If anything, this might make Sacramento more insistent on holding on to him despite the possibility of acquiring Siakam.

If the Kings give him up to acquire a player like Siakam, big scoring performances might be easier to come by. Murray would be given an enhanced offensive role with more shots if he gets traded to the Raptors, which could help his natural talents as a shooter really shine.

Getting Murray is going to be an ordeal, as it will require a ton of deft negotiating from Ujiri and some recklessness from the Kings. That doesn't mean Murray is out of reach, and the Raptors need to exhaust every possible avenue to acquire someone with his raw talent.