Pros and Cons of Raptors making Jakob Poeltl available in trade talks

The Raptors might be faced with a very interesting decision.
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The Raptors need to consider trading names like Pascal Siakam before they start looking more earnestly at a Poeltl trade. While moving him could fix some of the team's short-term problems, moving might help a few extra equally troublesome issues pop up without him.

Toronto has a ton of faults right now, and while Poeltl might not be the solution to most of them, there have been multiple tremendous games in the paint where the former Top 10 pick has played like one of the best centers in the game. There aren't 15 Poeltls out there waiting to be signed.

The Toronto Raptors must hold on to Jakob Poeltl.

If the Raptors are set on potentially moving off Poeltl, which would require them to completely scrap an organizational plan that marked him as a franchise cornerstone just a few months ago, an offseason trade might make more sense as the team tries to put together a more cohesive strategy.

As it stands right now, moving off Poeltl (especially if the Raptors do not make any progress on a Siakam deal) would be yet another attempt from a desperate front office to retool instead of rebuild. Unless they get knocked off their feet with a ridiculous offer, hold off on the mock trades.