Pros and Cons of Raptors making De'Andre Hunter center of Pascal Siakam trade

Is Hunter worth trading a franchise icon for?
Atlanta Hawks v Toronto Raptors
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The Raptors need to explore other options before circling back to the Hawks, as there could be a player better than Hunter that ends up in the rumor mill. However, if they are unable to find their desires sated, Hunter seems like a name that Atlanta is almost begging to get rid of.

Hunter's ceiling is not what Siakam's average days are anymore, and that could make it tough to see a fanbase on him outside of the injury concerns. This will put even more pressure on Barnes to evolve into a superstar in short order, with Hunter sliding in as a role player.

De'Andre Hunter is a risky addition for the Toronto Raptors.

Trading Siakam is a very difficult endeavor, as the Raptors need to squeeze multiple draft picks and some solid young talent out of whomever is acquiring him. Hunter has some faults, but it's hard to find someone who can be this effective on both ends instantly.

Rather than take a gamble on a younger, more unproven player, the Raptors can acquire a veteran two-way forward with a proven history of being a solid two-way threat. If Hunter can stay healthy, the Raptors can feel a bit more comfortable giving up a player with Siakam's pedigree.