Pros and Cons of Raptors seeking D'Angelo Russell in Lakers trade talks

Could the Raptors really pull this off?
Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets
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If the Raptors are unable to get a young player in a Brown trade, and the Lakers are willing to give up a first-round pick. Trading for Russell might not be the worst idea anyone has ever had. Russell can get an extended audition to prove that he is worth carving out a long-term role for.

The Raptors are not in a position to turn down a scorer like Russell, especially when the team is trying to find anyone who can score alongside Barnes. A Barrett-like jump, which Russell experienced after moves to Brooklyn and Minnesota in the past, is not out of the cards just yet.

The Toronto Raptors need to consider adding D'Angelo Russell.

With the uncertain future of Gary Trent Jr. still hanging overhead and the lack of assurance that Dick will turn into a regular rotation player, Toronto might need to bring in a player of some notoriety like Russell in order to set the All-Star Barnes up for success next season.

Let's say things go completely backward, and Russell is not a fit. At least the Raptors can revisit a move in the offseason if he picks up the player option, where the well-traveled guard should have a similarly robust market. Trading Brown hasn't been as easy as Toronto may have hoped, but landing Russell might give them both a better short-term player and trade asset.