Raptors News: Streak broken, injury updates, draft chaos, trade pitch

Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors
Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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Mock Draft Roundup

The Toronto Raptors could have a number of options in the 2024 NBA Draft, especially if they retain their Top-6 protected pick. One option could simply be to draft anyone they can from the NCAA Tournament champions, as the UConn Huskies have a number of top-tier prospects.

As the final games of college basketball drew to a close, however, it also afforded an opportunity for many outlets and draft specialists to publish their mock drafts. Who are the Raptors connected to at this point in the draft cycle?

Here is a quick roundup of 10 mock drafts and who the Raptors are projected to select with their top pick:

Reed Sheppard
Alex Sarr
Rob Dillingham
Stephon Castle
Nikola Topic
Ron Holland (x2)
Matas Buzelis
Donovan Clingan
Cody Williams

That's correct; of 10 prominent mock drafts recently published, the Raptors are projected to pick nine different players. That's an absolutely wild reality, and it's possible the chaos does not die down and the options are truly that wide open as the draft cycle continues. Draft night 2024 could be a chaotic one.

Final Week Ahead

The Toronto Raptors wrap up their season with four games against Eastern Conference teams a few spots above them in the standings. Their final home game of the season comes tonight against the Indiana Pacers, then they travel to Brooklyn tomorrow night before playing a baseball series with the Miami Heat on Friday and Sunday. The Heat may have a lot to play for this weekend, while the Raptors almost certainly will not.

What should Raptors fans be rooting for now that their postseason hopes are extinguished and the losing streak has been broken? Here is a quick guide for the last week of the season.

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